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Word on the Street


Abacus is a One stop shop for anything IT!

Abacus has been our IT support for over 20 years and in that time, I have always felt like we have 24 hour support. When I am away, I leave their number and do not worry. Abacus has provided us with the benefit of their expertise and support. They can handle Hardware, software, internet, etc. In a rapidly changing industry Abacus always proves to be aware of the latest technology. We are a very satisfied customer.

Martha Rossi
Bobrow Distributing

With Abacus Information Systems, you can’t go wrong, just give them a try.  They are quick learners, and super responsive.

The greatest benefit Abacus has provided is perhaps their responsiveness.  We’d be in big trouble if it weren’t for Abacus’ ability and willingness to jump in and work the problem when the situation arises.  The work Abacus puts in to support and build the relationship by taking the time to understand the situation and our underlying goals/needs sets them apart from other IT firms.

Jay Arnold
Astro Chemical, Inc.

Abacus Information Systems is customer focused understanding unique business environment and requirements.

The biggest benefit Abacus has provided is their expertise on current technology. They are experts-they are accurate and reliable. Give them a try they’re personable, enjoyable to work with, and they know what they’re talking about.

Carol Diters
Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

Abacus Information Systems offers variable benefits to our company, from response time to their expertise!

Abacus demonstrates dedication. They are committed to their clients and are in proximity of our office. I would recommend Abacus to others stating that they are dedicated, they have expertise, employee longevity – (meaning Abacus does not have a high rate of turn-over) – this allows for Abacus Employees to be customer focused and consistent on their service

Sue Hubbard
The Nurse Practitioner Association

Abacus Information Systems, Inc. cares by working through optimizing existing technology and offering guidance on additional available technology to potentially consider sets Abacus apart from all others.

Over the twelve years that Abacus has assisted my company, Abacus has without question improved my company’s efficiency, allowing me to effectively manage numerous projects for clients seamlessly. Abacus initially evaluated my business operations and provided guidance on all computers and peripherals, as well as integration of all. Abacus also advised on appropriate software for my needs and provided guidance on cloud support for both redundancy and protection of company documents and records. I have complete confidence in Abacus to resolve any technical issue based on their proficient response that allows me to focus on my business. The responsiveness and attention to detail of Abacus is unique in my opinion. There is no IT firm like Abacus. I am confident in saying that the success I have achieved would likely not have occurred without their commitment to service and excellent support that Abacus has always provided. The very best. I’d recommend Abacus Information Systems, Inc. to anyone looking for technical consulting.

Nadine Shadlock

I believe Abacus does a better job than other IT firms because they understand our mission, even support it, and work really hard to manage our IT needs within our budget!

There isn’t just one single benefit provided by Abacus.  They respond as quickly as possible to our IT service needs, and they are always willing to give us expert advice on ways we can improve our technology, answer as many questions from a non-IT person that I can think of, and tell us when new technology will not be beneficial to us..  Also, even though Abacus works on issues as they come in (first come first served) when there is a major IT emergency, they put that client first.  This is important to us because I know that if we are “dead in the water” they will do whatever is necessary to get us up and running as soon as possible and I understand that if my non-major issue is pushed back, it is because another client has a serious issue. I would tell anyone who is on the fence of choosing Abacus to reconsider because Abacus not only provides services to my company, they also understand the deadlines and they see me as a person supporting the needs of the Agency I work for.

Cindy Boisclair
Newmeadow School

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