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Choosing an accounting system for your organization is one of the most important business decisions you'll ever make. The right system allows you to track data, money, time, projects, team activities, billing, and produce detailed and accurate reports and projections. Selecting the wrong system can lose you time, dollars, and crucial information. Abacus Information Systems can assist you by analyzing your current needs and helping you select and implement the proper systems for your organization. Financial systems implementation and customization can be complex. Finding a partner who will implement correctly and provide you with the necessary attention and support after installation is an even more critical decision, and one that can affect the success of your organization.

Abacus provides a full service, personalized approach to the financial systems implementation process. This includes everything from analyzing your current system, system selection, staff training, installation advice and assistance, customization, and after-sale support to ensure your systems are up and running properly and your team is taking advantage of all the benefits of your new systems.

Let our team help you:

•Select the right systems through needs analysis

•Design and integrate systems to better fit your business needs

•Implement and set up new financial systems

•Optimize specific processes in your current financial system

•Enhance your systems' e-finance capabilities

•Customize screens and reports for your unique needs

•Reduce costs by helping you eliminate inefficiencies

•Train your staff and offer support and guidance on your new or existing financial system

•Provide individualized and timely support to help troubleshoot any issues

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